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Increase profit
Great pricing tips to improve your profitability

Setting your pricing at the right level, in a good structure with the right promotions is THE quickest and cheapest way of improving your profitability. Often dramatically.

Discounting Table

Does Discounting work?

Many businesses use discounting in some form. Are you financially better off from using discounting? Do you track and check the actual financial performance of the promotion or discount?


Planning and decision making
information, decision making, choices




Why do we need information?

Information is very important because it helps us make better decisions. Better operational decisions lead to better financial performance

Business planning




 Why plan?

You only have so much time and so many resources. Planning ensures you put these to best use exactly where you want them.


Working Capital
Reducing working capital
Tips to reduce your investment in Working Capital

Investing enough into your working capital but not too much is vital to maintain cash and support growth


Generate Cash




 Generate Cash – improve your Working Capital

Working Capital has a large impact on cash within most businesses and is usually the largest investment a business will make. Most businesses focus nearly exclusively on profit and do not manage cash effectively

Improving working capital





Increase your cash through good supplier management

How do you manage your payments to your creditors to reduce costs and improve your working capital? Find out by reading this article


 Getting paid quickly



How to get paid quickly

How do you get paid as quickly as possible by your customers? We take you through the areas to focus on

 Stock management




Reduce your stock investment

How do you minimise your stock levels without running out of stock? We share tips and approaches to help achieve lower stock investment while maintaining sales

payment terms




 Improve your payment terms

Improving your payment terms with customers and suppliers is vital to reduce your working capital investment in the long term. How do you do this?