ERP selection, configuration and implementation
When should you change your finance / ERP system? How easy is it to get relevant information out of your current system? How many excel spreadsheets are used in your business?
The ERP system can be an incredibly powerful tool to delve deeply into the performance of your business and drive improved performance. You need:
  1. A system with the right capabilities/functionality for your business
  2. Configuration that is relevant and aligned to the financial drives & how you run the business
  3. Inputs collected in an efficient manner and then coded to support the analysis of the financial drivers and deliver the reporting outputs in a meaningful way
We have worked with many fast growing businesses that have not invested enough in their back office either before or during periods of high growth. The visibility and control of the business has been put at risk as a result, or they have not be able to take full advantage of opportunities
System Costs vs People Costs
People are easy to add and many business end up with a large number of people working inefficiently on a system that is no longer appropriate for the complexity and size of the business. Excessive use of excel within the business can be a warning sign. This situation can easily develop in fast growing businesses
ERP system checkup
If you are concerned that your systems are being left behind by the growth of your business, please contact us and we can undertake a quick review to give you peace of mind or a plan of action to rectify. The review can be carried out quickly without disruption to your business and gives you an honest assessment of your system vs business requirements
Finance / ERP system implementation
If you need to change your Finance / ERP system, then we can help ensure effective implementation by making use of our extensive experience of successfully delivering system changes. We are experienced in selecting, configuring and managing the implementation of finance / ERP systems in business from £6m revenue national businesses through to international businesses with revenue in excess of £120m
Our expertise covers the three key stages:
ERP System Selection
ERP System Configuration
ERP System Implementation Management
We can undertake each of these stages or all three depending on your requirements. Please contact us to discuss your plans