Improve your profitability

We have increased net profit in excess of £11 million across a number of businesses in recent years using our methodologies

Increasing the profit you generate from your current sales is as important as winning new business. Increasing current sales profitability is usually quicker and cheaper to achieve

The deeper the understanding of your business the easier it is to identify what is working well and what is not. We use financial and other data to analyse and understand at a granular level what is happening within your business

Increasing profitability starts with understanding in detail you business model. Benchmarking, both internally and externally, the margins being earned across departments, product/services, teams, clients, etc, highlights areas of lower profitability and opportunities to create value

The benchmarking then provides focus for deeper analysis of the specific areas highlighted. Areas that we cover include:

Improving profitability


We work alongside you to implement solutions to improve the profitability of your product/service range, contract, team, department or overall business.


 to discuss your business and how we may identify and implement profit improving opportunities

Case Studies

The Business

A professional services firm looking to continue growing

The Challenge

The business needed to increase profitability to fund growth

The Outcome

We saw an opportunity to increase pricing to deliver increased profitability. Prices and revenue were increased by over 10% without volume loss.

This extra revenue flowed through to increased profits.

The Business

An international business with substantial overseas contracts

The Challenge

Improve the profitability of a key contract

The Outcome

Net profit was increased in excess of £1.5m annually, with a £6m historical benefit identified and implemented

Our approach


Adding real value to your business takes time and teamwork


We deliver results


Strong and consistent delivery of return on investment