Increase your cash

To date we have generated over £50 million in cash from working capital across a number of businesses

With a focus on profit, so many businesses forget to analyse the cash cost of decisions or working practices throughout their business. Your working capital investment (stock, debtors and creditors) is one of the biggest cash investments you make

  • Grow your business faster with a lower working capital investment
  • Pay off debt with increased cash and increase business flexibility & profit
  • Invest more in profit generating projects

Cash is the lifeblood of any business. You only run out of cash once. When you have sufficient cash you have many options, but these options reduce quickly as your cash availability reduces


We have a proven methodology to optimise your investment in working capital. We focus on and improve, in partnership with you:

  • Client invoice processes
  • Credit control
  • Supplier management
  • Stock management
  • Credit terms

We have a track record of delivering significant cash generation from working capital across a number of sectors and business sizes

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Case Studies

The Business

An international £140m turnover group had doubled its size in two years.

The Challenge

The business needed to generate cash after exhausting all borrowing facilities and was close to failing.

The Outcome

We generated over £24m in cash from debtors and creditors within 24 months, without materially changing the business.

This was a cash conversion ratio in excess of 500%.

The owners, bank and management team were delighted, allowing significant debt repayment and further investment in the business.

The Business

A £160m turnover European subsidiary group of a listed FMCG corporate.

The Challenge

Due to exchange rate movements profits had fallen to zero. The local management team were under increasing pressure to generate shareholder value.

The Outcome

We generated £21m in cash from working capital through aligning stock levels with product demand.

This provided the management team a strong story to tell to the investors, both of which were delighted.

The Business

An international £150m turnover recruitment group growing at 25% per year was not able to generate cash.

The Challenge

The business needed to reduce its debtors and generate cash to survive and continue growing.

The Outcome

We generated over £15m in cash from redesigning the entire invoicing process, reducing invoice queries and debt.

The resulting cash was used to support continued growth and reduced levels of working capital meant that the future business was cash generating.

Repeat customer levels increased sharply.

Our approach


Adding real value to your business takes time and teamwork


We deliver results


Strong and consistent delivery of return on investment