High growth businesses Faster growth = higher level of challenges

High growth companies are usually very focused on supporting sales and operations to drive further growth. A common challenge is to invest in your ability to track performance at various levels of your business to ensure that you have enough cash to support the growth. Accounting 'profit', while important, doesn't pay the wages - cash management is vital in funding growth
Funding growth from cash generated from within the business is a real competitive advantage that many business overlook. Financing by borrowing is not ideal as it reduces business flexibility when you need it the most, adds interest costs and will need to be paid back
Without the ability to track operational and financial data at a detailed level, your team is unlikely to have the available data for making the best decisions in where to allocate resources. This can lead to performance dropping as the business grows, allowing competitors to get ahead. The finance function is vital in maintaining good quality and relevant data
Coordinating activities across your business needs to change as your business grows and becomes more complicated - ensuring your staff change with the growth significantly improves overall business performance