Financial performance is driven by operational performance

As you know, operational performance is the combination of many factors: investment decisions, resource allocations, sales and marketing campaigns, staff quality and training, culture, production processes and so on

So how do we help you improve operational performance?

We analyse and benchmark your business in depth. We map out your business model, the key financial drivers, the impacts of the various operational elements on those drivers, what influences these elements and why

We help you understand what is going well and what is not. Which initiatives should be repeated, which should not. Where to increase resource allocation, where to reduce. Which plans work, which don’t. Where profits & cash are being built, where they are being leaked away

How much difference does this make?

A lot as evidenced by a consistent track record, adding in excess of £60 million to business valuations in six years

A  lot of our work has direct measurable benefit. That measurable benefit has been consistently higher than the investment our clients have made with us, by several multiples

Find out how we work in partnership with you to improve your business


  • Which of your products / service lines are most profitable?

  • Are you getting best value from your suppliers?

  • Do you know in which product / service you should invest?

  • Are you maximising profit generation from your assets?

  • How do you prepare your business for sale?

  • Which area of your business gives you the best return on investment?

  • How do you increase your business valuation?

  • Do you have enough funding to support planned growth?

  • Do your employees have the right skills to support further growth?

  • While growing strongly, how do I keep my business under control?

  • Can you reduce your investment in debtors and stock?

  • Have you reviewed your pricing in the last 6 months?

Find out more on:

Business & Financial Planning – businesses that plan outperform those that don’t

Pricing & Margins – Improve profitability by changing prices, mix of products/services and understand each of your products/services margins

Efficiency – increase your business administration efficiency and scalability. Increase the value achieved for each £ spent

Working Capital – reduce your investment in debtors, creditors and stock, grow faster and increase your cash balance

Preparing your business for sale – how to get your business ready for a sale with maximum value


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