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Business Building and investing stories

Business building and investing stories
Business funding, selling businesses, young enterprise

At 16, sitting in the office of a serious looking NatWest Bank Manager, asking to open a business account was a more than a little daunting.

My introduction to the Young Enterprise scheme and running a business.

I left with a new bank account and a £30 gift from the manager to get our Y.E. mini business of the ground. Thank you, NatWest.

starting my accounting training, building businesses, business valuation


I moved to London on a cold New Years Day sharing a house with 3 trainee accountants 100 metres from the Thames.

I started my training contract with EY – three years of auditing some amazing businesses and studying hard to pass my ACA exams

My journey to learn how to create real value in businesses had started in earnest.

starting my accounting training, building businesses, business valuation
an amazing journey - business improvement, business performance inprovement

I was privileged to work in some amazing businesses, with fantastic people, at the perfect time to learn critical lessons

A business that grew from £100m to £500m in four years.

A partial sale to Coca Cola

A business spin off and separate listing on the Australian stock exchange

an investing journey starts, business valuation, business sale

I started a new job 2 weeks after the Lehman’s collapse in 2008, having just closed my first business down.

After dabbling in investing here and there, I decided it was time to get serious.

After 5 years of learning,  reducing my mistakes, and slow growth, my portfolio consistently starting growing faster.

an investing journey starts, business valuation, business sale
My First Finance Director Role in my first turnaround business

I was looking for a challenge…

Inheriting enough cash to survive two weeks, a very nervous bank manager, 1 shoddy P&L for a £120m in sales business and just a small amount of pressure…

Improving every aspect of the underlying business is the surest way to increase business valuation.

Thank you to the amazing team I worked with – we achieved a lot together.

A Few More Qualifications, business improvement

Corporate Finance & Funding Qualifications

Association of Corporate Treasurers to Add to My Institute of Chartered Accountants Qualifications

Back to studying while turning around a business and welcoming our first addition to our family…

A Few More Qualifications, business improvement
Jess Coles, emerson nash, business performance

EY Trainee to Board Director of £150m in sales Business

20+ years increasing profit and cash in world class, high growth and turnaround businesses

15+ years investing in publicly listed and private companies

Delivered average ROI of 39:1 over 7 years (measurable profit/cash vs my pay)

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