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How we help product business improve performance

Emerson Nash Solutions - improving business performance
Finance Team Audit

A considered assessment of the capability and suitability of your Finance Function to deliver against the needs of your business and its ambitions.

  • Low time commitment from your staff
  • Low cost
  • Confidential Assessment Available
  • Output of High Value Suggested Actions
Business Investment Audit

2 Audit Options: High level and In-Depth: to unearth value creation opportunities, and to reduce issues that cause delays, price decreases, and more onerous terms.

  • Preparation for funding round and business sale
  • Seeking longer term business improvement rather than window-dressing
Business Investment Audit
Finance Director Mentoring

Strategic, tactical and people skills development for Finance Directors, as well financial expertise to guide you through:

  • Finance team performance improvement
  • Business profit and cash generation improvement
  • ERP selection, design and implementation
  • Preparation for business sale
  • International expansion
  • Funding rounds
Part Time Finance Director

For product companies seeking:

  • Strategic input and financial strategy
  • Investor compliance and independent finance function & results overview
  • Profit and cash generation improvement
  • Finance function development
  • High growth management & control
  • Improvement of day-to-day finance operations and performance visibility
Part Time Finance Director
Non-Executive Director

For product companies seeking a non-executive board director to provide guidance, challenge and independent oversight:

  • Independent business management expertise
  • Financial and investment background
  • Strategy development and execution
  • Fresh ideas and perspective
  • Constructive challenge and questioning
  • Independent oversight (investor management)
Jess Coles, emerson nash, business performance

EY Trainee to Board Director of £150m in sales Business

20+ years increasing profit and cash in world class, high growth and turnaround businesses

15+ years investing in publicly listed  and private companies

Delivered average ROI of 39:1 over 7 years (measurable profit/cash vs my pay)

Jess Coles, emerson nash, business performance

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