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Business Planning to Maximise Performance

  • Exploit more opportunities
  • Experience fewer problems
  • Reduce firefighting and stress
  • Increase co-ordination and teamwork
  • Improve business results

    Are you fed up with getting surprises? Problems appear suddenly or projects that you thought were going well suddenly are not. Or great opportunities drift by without you being able to capitalise because you just can’t seem to get everyone ready in time.

    This can be frustrating at best, career limiting or at worst devastating for a business over time. There are only so many finger tip saves you can do before one goes in.

    If this is happening regularly are you probably missing your targets. And what does that mean for you, your team or your business?

    Business can change these outcomes for the better.

    What could you do if you spent less time firefighting? How would that impact the stress levels and confidence of your team and business? If you had more time, what would you do with it?

    If you spent more time looking forward rather than looking backwards; at the activities, the projects and the financial results, you would be able to positively impact more of the opportunities and problems you face.

    You team would be happier, feel more in control and have less fires to put out. You would have less silos and activities and projects would be better co-ordinated. The bigger or more complex your business, the more you have to gain.


    Business Planning will provide you visibility, rigour, adaptability, teamwork and results. Business Planning is a process and discipline. We appreciate that these words may be unappealing, especially for those of you who favour more last minute, reactive, free flowing and creative approaches. Business planning is not perceived to be exciting. Business Planning does provide results, really good results. Just look at any successful business.

    Business planning infographic

    Business planning is not:

    • Writing a document which then gathers dust and is not used by anyone.
    • A financial “budget” which sets financial targets everyone is expected to meet without further help
    • A magic wand. [Work and a change of operating model is needed for success]

    What you get:

    • Writing a document which then gathers dust and is not used by anyone.
    • A financial “budget” which sets financial targets everyone is expected to meet without further help
    • A magic wand. [Work and a change of operating model is needed for success]

    What Business Planning gives you Get more from your planning process

    Fewer surprises

    The planning process creates forward visibility and encourages communication and challenge

    More time

    More time to spot and take advantage of opportunities; to deal with potential problems before they become a real issue

    Better use of resources

    All resources used in a more targeted and transparent way

    Clear road map

    A clear road map of projects and activities that staff members can relate to, buy into and for which they can be held accountable

    Less firefighting

    Less firefighting, stress and wasted effort, for you and your teams

    Better co-ordination

    Better co-ordination of activities between teams and encourages teamwork

    Two different levels of Business Planning:

    Business planning logo

    Business Planning

    We teach your team through a series of workshops how to approach business planning to get the best results. We can also work alongside your team to plan out the projects and activities needed to deliver your targeted financial results. This gives you:

    • A cross functional plan, described in activities and projects rather than only financial numbers
    • Greater buy-in from the teams as they have created it
    • Better co-ordination of activities between department
    • A deeper understanding of how everyone contributes to achieving the plan
    • A better financial result

    Business planning produces a better financial result that just creating a Finance Budget (or Target)

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    Adaptive Business Planning

    A workshop programme and coaching programme to help the team implement the working practices of Adaptive Business Planning. All you get with Business Planning, plus we work alongside the team to:

    • Establish the operating culture of the teams
    • Set up the monthly planning cycle
    • Embedding this cycle within the team so your team can take if forward
    • Great teamwork and visibility
    • A Leadership culture throughout the business

    Adaptive Business Planning creates a result focused forward looking adaptable planning culture across the business which delivers better results

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