Business Planning: Exploit more opportunities and experience fewer problems

Planning directly improves your business’ ability to survive, grow and thrive. And the bigger, the more complex your business or the faster the growth, the more business planning delivers.

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What Business Planning gives you Get more from your planning process

Clear road map

A clear road map of projects and activities that staff members can relate to, buy into and for which they can be held accountable

Fewer surprises

The planning process creates forward visibility and encourages communication and challenge

More time

More time to spot and take advantage of opportunities; to deal with potential problems before they become a real issue

Less firefighting

Less firefighting, stress and wasted effort, for you and your teams

Better co-ordination

Better co-ordination of activities between teams and encourages teamwork

Better use of resources

All resources used in a more targeted and transparent way

Planning improves the probability of success. Planning increases performance and reduces risk.  

We provide planning programmes to allow you to set up and run either of our two business planning processes – Business Planning and Adaptive Business Planning.

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Business Planning

We work with your team to identify and develop the activities and projects needed to meet your targets over 1-3 months that:

  • Provides tools and a framework for planning 
  • Creates a set of actions, with owners and time frames for the year ahead
  • Delivers a financial forecast based on these activities

Our approach transfers the framework and skills to you team so they can run this process each year. 

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Adaptive Business Planning

We deliver your planning programme through provision of tools, a series of workshops, and coaching over 6-12 months that:

  • Builds a framework and decision making process
  • Flexes your business plans on a monthly basis to maximise opportunity
  • Builds cross departmental/functional communication and teamwork

Our approach transfers the framework and skills to your team so they can run this process on a ongoing basis

We have programmes for start-ups through to mid-sized businesses. Contact us to find out more about the range of planning programmes available.

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