Adaptive Business Planning Improving effectiveness & performance

Business plans address How we are going to achieve our goals. Business plans are the co-ordination of projects, activities and resources needed to achieve the business goals for the period. The business environment is constantly changing which challenges the value of static once a year planning cycles that most companies undertake
Adaptive Business Planning
Adaptive Business Planning is a framework and operating culture of decision making and business planning. ABP improves the performance and responsiveness of a business to the changing competitive landscape through greater co-ordination and cross functional teamwork. ABP creates a tactical decision making team at the centre of the business, meeting regularly to drives accountability across the business to deliver projects and activities required to reach the business goals. The adaptive and forward looking planning allows the business to navigate obstacles and fully take advantage of opportunities that are often missed with more static planning approaches
Business Planning
Business planning creating a detailed plan of the projects & activities and the resources needed to deliver these projects combined with financial budgeting and modelling, so the business has a clear path and set of projects providing a planned financial outcome. We work with your teams to facilitate and input into your planning process
Financial Budgeting
We create a financial model aligned to the key financial drivers of the business which creates a platform for the financial budgeting process. We work with your teams to put together a budget for the business