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8 Ways to Test what matters most to Customers

Testing methods

Make your product or business more successful!

Everyone knows that you should test before launching to check whether there is customer demand and what matters most to them before you spend lots of time and money on a full scale launch.

It is hard to know how to do this effectively. 

Our Guide provides you with 8 common methods of how to test. We include implications for time, cost, level of difficulty and type of output. 

Be one of the 3 in 10 products that are successful. 


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Our guide is free, an approx. 20 minutes read, 18 pages in a “white paper” format sent to you as a PDF document, or available to download.

Here's what people say about our guide

I wish every entrepreneur read it

“Thank you for sending over your guide, it’s a really good read and I wish every entrepreneur read it and implemented it before jumping into production. I believe it could save a lot of time and money, not to mention stress and disappointment.”

Sigal Kellermann, Sept 2019
CM System Designs

Meet our Product Expert – Anna Taylor

Anna Taylor

For over 15 years I had the great pleasure of working for companies that I have truly admired such as Cadbury’s, SAB Miller, Asahi and Unilever.

Working in Finance alongside Sales and Marketing teams throughout that time I learnt from the best and developed new methods and strategies for pricing, promotion and revenue management. From training sales forces in margin and pricing to co-designing and calculating the impact of an entirely new price pack architecture and everything in between.

I have seen first-hand the importance of getting pricing right, of designing a pricing architecture and more importantly, sticking to it. I understand how to get win-win pricing between you and your retailers and how to evaluate promotions to understand what really works and is worth spending money on.

Pricing is such a crucial element in every business and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and seeing more companies benefit from this area that is so rarely taught and properly explained.

Make your product more successful by testing, learning and improving.

Enter your details and we’ll send you our free Guide: 8 Ways to Test What Matters Most to Customers >>

Our Guide is free and sent to you as a PDF document , or it available to download so you can keep this Guide within easy reach.

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