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Finance Function Improvement

Improving your profit capability

Our In-Depth Finance Function Review provides an in-depth assessment of your finance function capability

If you aren’t a finance professional by background, it can be hard to work out exactly what is needed in your finance function to support your business and your ambitions.    

Problems are often caused by team members’ skills and experience falling behind the rising complexity of the business.

Or you have a team doing a solid job in the basics but need them to step up a gear to two. For example:  a team doing a great job at the transactional level, but you would like the team to add commercial business partnering skills to drive improved profitability across the business.

Our clients often think about hiring a new function leader with more experience. If you are not sure about the gap between what you have and what you need, hiring the right solution is many times harder. The wasted investment in time, recruitment fees and hassle if the wrong choice is made is significant.

Our In-Depth Finance Review reduces the investment risk and provides improvements your current team can implement.

In-Depth Finance Function Review

In-Depth Finance Review

Our In-Depth Finance Review provides you with

  • a clear gap analysis of what you have and what you need 
  • options specific to your situation and
  • a clear plan of action,

which reduces the risk of making the wrong investment and provides improvements your current team can action.

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to book in your In-Depth Finance Team Review. 

Meet our Award-Winning Expert - Jess Coles

Jess Coles

I have worked in or led Finance Team in corporates such as Fosters, mid-tier business such as Innocent Drinks and the large SMEs. I have successfully transformed the performance of multiple finance teams from 4 people to 35 people and won Accountancy Age magazine awards and internal awards for “Best Team”. I have delivered when the business is in high growth, in turnaround and in steady state.

The Finance Function performance is rooted with the people in the team. Most people are looking to do a good job, and with the right role and right support can flourish. I have spent 1000s of hours mentoring and am a professional Coach. I have also taken hard decisions when there are no other practical options. Creating an open, friendly, supportive atmosphere with accountability is my preferred approach.

Processes and systems are also key factors in Finance Function performance, and I have decades of experience with both.

I am always happy to chat through your situation with you, so please give me a call.

Each of our reviews are specific to your business. What you get in a review:

  • An assessment of each team member – what their strengths are and development suggestions
  • Suggestions on team structure improvements
  • Identifying skills gaps in the team with options to fill these gaps
  • Areas of weak or “not fit for purpose” processes with suggestions on how to improve
  • Suggested good practice for the weaker processes
  • An assessment of people vs IT systems for efficiency purposes
  • An Outline Review of the tools and Systems being used (suitability, effectiveness and efficiency)
  • Identifying processes outside the finance function that negatively impact the function

The above is not an exhaustive list, but an indication.

Our In-Depth Reviews are undertaken over 5-10 days depending on team size and complexity.

Why Emerson Nash


  1. Deep experience – we have transformed multiple finance teams
  2. Results focused – we delivered measurable results
  3. Up to 100% Refund – via introductions to other business leaders
  4. Partnership – we treat your business as we would our own
  5. Very strong people skills
    • Decades of line management experience in top businesses
    • Hands on implementors – we get things done
    • We only employ experienced experts (no “juniors”)
  6. Easy to work with – we listen and do what we say
Our guarantee: “If we work with you, you will be better off”

Hands-On Consultancy Projects:

“Building a bicycle is much harder than riding it”

Designing and implementing changes to your finance function is harder than running the function when everything is set up. A good value for money solution is to use our experts to design and implement the function alongside your team. Then hire or promote a good person to run the function.  

This approach usually more economical than hiring a very good person to do the challenging design and implementation stage, and then underutilise their talents at the steady state stage and risk them leaving.

We partner with you and your team to understand what support the business needs, create a plan of how to close any gaps and then work with you to implement the solution.

We focus on the following areas

  1. Finance team members’ skills and capability
  2. How the processes support the needs of the business
  3. The systems and tools being used
  4. Any other issues impacting the function performance

We work hard to mentor and upskill your team members during the process and help hire any new team members needed.


Our Detailed Finance Review forms part of a consultancy project and is the starting point for all our implementation projects. 

Where we have done this before Transformation Project Case Studies

22-person Team Transformation

10-Person Team Transformation

7-Person Team Transformation

4-Person Team Transformation
Pricing Reviews

Next Steps

  • Email us on now or 
  • Call us on 0203 500 1200
  • Complete the form – at the bottom of the page

to book in your In-Depth Finance Team Review. 

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