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Our Outline Pricing Review quickly checks your pricing performance and gives you the next step to improve

Pricing is a headache. Pricing is complex in that it impacts nearly everything – how your customers think of you, perceptions of quality, volumes sold, to the amount of profit you make.

The market is constantly moving, with competitors changing offerings and customers demanding a good deal. We help you keep on top of this change with our Pricing Reviews.

Our Outline Pricing Review is great if you want to:

  1. Undertake top line pricing and profitiabiliy analysis
  2. Analyse up to 3 sub-categories within one of: Key Customers, Brands, Product Categories, or
  3. Benchmark up to 3 competitors

Our Outline Pricing Review is quick, low cost and undertaken by experts and gives you the next step to increase your profits.

Outline Pricing Review

Outline Pricing Reviews

Our Outline Pricing Review is a great way to quickly check your pricing and discounting performance or get a comparison against competitors. Our review is:

  • Quick – usually undertaken over a day
  • Low cost – from £750 + VAT
  • Takes little time or input from your team
  • Provides focus on where to concentrate improvement efforts for maximum impact
Pricing Reviews

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Meet our Expert - Anna Taylor

Anna Taylor

For over 15 years I had the great pleasure of working for companies that I have truly admired such as Cadbury’s, SAB Miller, Asahi and Unilever.

Working in Finance alongside Sales and Marketing teams throughout that time I learnt from the best and developed new methods and strategies for pricing, promotion and revenue management. From training sales forces in margin and pricing to co-designing and calculating the impact of an entirely new price pack architecture and everything in between.

I have seen first-hand the importance of getting pricing right, of designing a pricing architecture and more importantly, sticking to it. I understand how to get win-win pricing between you and your retailers and how to evaluate promotions to understand what really works and is worth spending money on.

Pricing is such a crucial element in every business and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and seeing more companies benefit from this area that is so rarely taught and properly explained.

View an example report

See a typical Outline Pricing Report
  • The example provides the content we would produce for a typical Outline Pricing Review. 
  • Our Review is based on data you provide to us. We will send you a questionnaire and request specific data.
  • We normally undertake the work at our offices
  • We might need to speak to team members to understand the data provided

Why Emerson Nash


  1. Deep experience – we have priced 100s of different products and services
  2. Results focused – we delivered measurable results
  3. Up to 100% Refund – via introductions to other business leaders
  4. Partnership – we treat your business as we would our own
  5. Very strong people skills
    • Decades of line management experience in top businesses
    • Hands on implementors – we get things done
    • We only employ experienced experts (no “juniors”)
  6. Easy to work with – we listen and do what we say
Our guarantee: “If we work with you, you will be better off”
Pricing Reviews

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