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Guides providing the HOW to solve problems

Solutions for businesses

Each Guide is a 15-20 minute read and takes you through practical steps to solve business problems and improve the performance of your business. 

7 Key Pricing Strategies and How to Choose One

Understand how to use 7 Key Pricing Strategies, their advantages and watch outs. Reading our Guide: “7 Key Pricing Strategies and How to Choose One” is a great step to build your pricing knowledge. Download it now.

12 Great Ways To Improve Profitability

Our Guide provides you great additional ideas of how to improve profitability in your business, a checklist of profit driving areas common in product businesses along with practical tips and steps of how to start implementing. A must read for any business making products.

10 Steps To Create Successful Products

Our Guide helps you improve the growth rate of your product; better understand your customers’ needs and what changes to make to increase sales; reduce the cost of learning what works and what does not; or increase the speed of your learning to get to success quicker.

8 Ways to Test What Matters Most To Your Customer

Everyone knows that you should test before launching to check whether there is customer demand and what matters most to them before you spend lots of time and money on a full scale launch. Our Guide provides you with 8 common methods of how to test. We include implications for time, cost, level of difficulty and type of output

6 "Must Do" Steps To Increase Your Cash

Our Guide shares 6 steps that you should take to increase your cash balance within your business without borrowing. We provide practical steps to implementing improvements in each key area from experts that have generated over £50m in cash to date

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