New Product Launch: Creating Sellable Products

  • Create successful products with less cost, time and risk
  • Improve the sales of current products
  • Testing programmes to check customer buying intentions

New product launches are exciting. You have had a great idea and are working hard to make it a reality. Many people get really caught up and emotionally invested in their product. This makes it harder to get around to properly checking what potential customers think and making necessary changes. Is this you?

Competition is so intense that the old days approach of “build it and customers will buy it” is no longer enough. If a competitor has done more work to understand customers and meet their needs, then their product is likely to sell more than yours.

The unfortunate fact is 7 out of 10 new product launches fail. This is high. The amount of energy, time, money and emotion that goes into designing and launching each of these products can be huge. Do you hope to be successful or want to stack the odds in your favour?

Even when you plan a new product launch on a shoestring budget, you can easily spend tens of thousands in employee time, before you start investing in branding, stock and production partners.

We speak to many businesses that spend over a year developing a product. What would reducing this time mean for you? You can learn and improve your product quickly with the right approach.

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New Product Launch Workshop and Testing programmes

Our workshop programmes help you:

  • Understand your customer’s needs in greater detail
  • Adds unbiased challenge and review into the process
  • Speed up your learning progress
  • Reduces your costs, time spend and risks

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Testimonials Here's what people say about our workshops

  • Absolutely amazing

    “Jess and Anna at Emerson Nash are absolutely amazing and a joy to work with. They genuinely care about your brand and vision and offer solutions, tailored to meet your needs. They were very down to earth and easy to talk to.”

    Vona Aghoghovbia
    Vona Aghoghovbia
  • It was extremely useful

    “Before the workshop we spent a lot of time and energy debating the business model. After the workshop we were clearer about where to focus our efforts and which areas of the business needed to be developed. It was extremely useful!”

    Louise Atkinson
    Louise Atkinson
    Head of Marketing
    Konditor & Cook
  • Sparked lots of new ideas

    “The session helped me identify client profiles, areas of improvement and potential new services. The workshop sparked lots of new ideas and actions, I definitely feel energised. I loved how the session was collaborative and creative. ”

    Weybridge Salsa
  • Gained greater clarity

    “Gained greater clarity, validation of some aspects of my thinking, confidence to approach clients and ask the questions.”

    ERI Systems, May 2019
  • Gave new ideas

    “Very informative, helped me to structure my thinking’s and gave new ideas”

    Willow & Finn, May 2019
  • Really informative

    “I feel that I now have the tools to improve the services we offer and a better understanding of how we can impact our customers needs. Really informative.”

    Apex, May 2019

Improve Existing Products

It is frustrating when the performance of an existing product falls short of what you had hoped and planned. Making improvements to products to better meet customer’s or consumers needs throughout their life will increase product profitability and lifespan. Our workshop and testing programmes help you:

  • Understand your customer’s needs in greater detail
  • Analyse market positioning of multiple products
  • Adds unbiased challenge and review into the process
  • Helps products better meet customer needs

Ensuring your product better meets customer needs should result in increased sales and profitability.

They trust us We take great pride in the company we keep

Weybridge salsa logo
Weybridge salsa logo
Workshop programmes

Workshop programmes

Our workshops can be delivered singularly or combined as a programme:

  1. Value Proposition (1 day)
  2. 10 Steps to take Before Launching a New Product (2 days)
  3. Value proposition – competitor analysis (1 day)

Workshops from £1,950

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Testing programmes

Testing programmes

Our testing programmes are bespoke, to you and your product. We partner with your team to

  • understand the critical and key assumptions for your product to be successful
  • design tests that will check your assumptions
  • decipher the results of testing and plan the actions to make improvements

Using what you have learned during the testing process to improve what you do is critical.

Contact us to discuss how to design a testing programme for you

Download two Great Guides to help you move forward with your product development

10 Steps to Create Successful Products

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8 Testing Methods to Understand to Customers

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Why Emerson Nash

  1. Exceptional business experience in depth, breadth and quality –  gained in Innocent Drinks, Unilever, Cadbury’s, SAB Miller and many SMEs
  2. 30+ Product launches – involved in over 30 product launches in blue chip product businesses
  3. Up to a 100% refund – via introductions to other business leaders
  4. Partnership – we treat your business as we would our own and we want to make a difference to your business
  5. Very strong people skills
    • Professional coaches and facilitators
    • Decades of line management experience in top businesses
    • We only employ experienced experts (no “juniors”)
  6. Easy to work with – we listen and do what we say

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