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Our Guarantee: £1m increase or all fees returned

If we partner with you through our £1m+ ValueBuilder Programme and are unable to increase the value of your business by at least £1m over the agreed timeframe, any fees paid by you to us will be returned in full.

Our fee structures usually include a significant performance related element from the outset. This ensures we benefit only if you benefit first.

We are also investing in your business so we ask that your business:

  1. Is worth at least £1m before we start work
  2. Has stable or growing revenues
  3. Has 10% of turnover available in cash to invest in growth, increasing staff & business capability and product & market development
  4. That you are also 100% committed to growing the value of your business.
We have spent many decades improving and building businesses and have a good track record of valuation improvement across a number of product based businesses. We focus on trading business with revenues up to £150m, national or international.
Our partnerships typically range from 2 to 5 years. We may be able to make some quick improvements to profitability. To build substantial and sustainable value does take time
Our Guarantee

Call us on 0203 500 1200 or email to discuss how partnering with us can increase your business valuation

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