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The steps and help to release trapped cash

Increase your available cash 

Our Detailed CashBuilder Review provides you the knowledge and actions to increase cash

You have done all that hard work of winning the sale and delivering for your customer. Converting that hard work into cash should just be part of the admin process. Just like in sales and operations, the admin process does not always go to plan, or may not be as effective or efficient as possible.

Why you should review for, and release trapped cash:

  1. You can only action what you know about
  2. Quantify the potential cash injection and the routes to release cash
  3. So you don’t leave cash unproductively tied up
  4. Give yourself more options for growth & investment

Our Detailed CashBuilder Review provides you with an in-depth review of your administration processes, debtors, creditors, stock management and credit terms.

We analyse five admin areas that release cash trapped by inefficiencies

Cash Builder Infographic

“Great companies by choice, keep three to 10 times more cash reserves than their competitors” – Jim Collins

Detailed CashBuilder Review

DR Cash Benefits

Our Detailed CashBuilder Review provides a comprehensive action list and transfers knowledge to your team:

  • Comprehensive – analysing in depth all six aspects of your working capital management
  • Provides a more accurate “size of the prize” than the Outline Review
  • Transfers Knowledge – provides your team knowledge of what to do and why
  • Creates Actions – Provides a priority list of steps to action to start releasing trapped cash
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Next Steps

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to book in your Detailed CashBuilder Review. 

Meet our Expert - Jess Coles

Jess Coles

I have been lucky to have worked in some amazing businesses such as Innocent Drinks & Williams Lea, in large corporates all the way through to start-ups.

I have gained a lot of experience in managing working capital and releasing cash from inefficient processes in corporate businesses to larger SMEs. I have been able to generate over £50m of cash within these businesses. Some examples include:

  • Treasury Wine Estates (£180m sales): £21m increased cash within 12 months
  • Petroplan (£120m sales): £24m increased cash in 24 months
  • McAuliffe (£20m sales): £3m increased cash in 18 months

I have used our CashBuilder Methodology in each of the above examples and calculating the potential cash upside for you is the first step in a project to release trapped cash in your business. Our Outline CashBuilder Review is a great starting point.

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Next Steps

  • Email us on now or 
  • Call us on 0203 500 1200
  • Complete the form – at the bottom of the page

to book in your Detailed CashBuilder Review. 

Why Emerson Nash


  1. Great experience – over £50m in cash generated
  2. Results focused – we delivered measurable results
  3. Up to 100% Refund – via introductions to other business leaders
  4. Partnership – we treat your business as we would our own
  5. Very strong people skills
    • Decades of line management experience in top businesses
    • Hands on implementors – we get things done
    • We only employ experienced experts (no “juniors”)
  6. Easy to work with – we listen and do what we say
Our guarantee: “If we work with you, you will be better off”

Hands-On Consultancy Projects:

There remains a large gulf between knowing what to do and actually putting that knowledge into practice and getting the desired result.

By doing the work yourself, you risk getting some of the cash generation opportunity but not all of it. Your team is unlikely to do this work, day in day out, know how to avoid all the pitfalls and which approaches work best.

If you want to maximise the cash generation opportunity and ensure your team knows how to maintain the activities and focus to keep your cash balance high talk to us about our hands-on consultancy projects.

Our team partners with yours through the implementation project. We bring our deep experience of changing activities and then ensuring these new activities remain ingrained in the business. You get the benefit of expertise and knowledge being passed to your team during the process and have additional capacity to undertake the work.


Our Detailed Cash Review forms part of a consultancy project and is the starting point for all our implementation projects. 

Case studies Measurable increase in your bank balance

£2.5million in cash generated for growing SME

£24m in cash generated for mid-sized business

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We quickly quantify your cash generation potential from the five cash admin areas

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Implementing a bespoke project with your team to increase your cash by £100k+

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