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Dramatically increase your cash without borrowing

CashBuilder Programmes

Great solutions to increase the cash in your business

You have done all that hard work of winning the sale and delivering for your customer. Converting that hard work into cash should just be part of the admin process.

Just like in sales and operations, the admin process does not always go to plan, or may not be as effective or efficient as possible.

Having more cash allows you to:

  1. Grow at a faster rate
  2. Meet your ambitions for the business
  3. Ride through unexpected problems more easily
  4. Reduce your borrowings and pay less interest
  5. Increase the business valuation

Is there a business leader that does not want more cash available to use?

We improve five admin areas that release cash trapped by inefficiencies

Cash Builder Infographic

I want to:

Quantify the opportunity

Outline CashBuilder Review – a quick and low cost review

Gain deeper understanding

Detailed CashBuilder Review – an in-depth review with a clear action plan

Implement £100k+ CashBuilder Project

Bespoke hands-on consultancy projects

Calculate your own Cash generation potential

Using our really useful calculator. You will need general financial information such as:

  • Profit & Loss report – showing sales and cost of sales
  • Balance Sheet – showing stock, debtors and creditors

Fill out the details and we will automatically email our calculation of your cash generation potential from your current working capital. See below.

Calculate the cash you could free up

Use our calculator to estimate how much cash you could release into your bank account.

Why Emerson Nash


  1. Exceptional business experience in depth, breadth and quality
  2. Results focused – £100k+ in value and 3x ROI delivered 
  3. Up to 100% Refund – via introductions to other business leaders
  4. Partnership – we treat your business as we would our own
  5. Very strong people skills
    • Decades of line management experience in top businesses
    • Hands on implementors – we get things done
    • We only employ experienced experts (no “juniors”)
  6. Easy to work with – we listen and do what we say
Our guarantee: “If we work with you, you will be better off”

Case studies Measurable increase in your bank balance

£2.5million in cash generated for growing SME

£24m in cash generated for mid-sized business

Three different levels of project:

Quick reviews to provide you the size of cash generation potential. Click here for more details

Detailed reviews to give you a deep understanding of the opportunities and a clear action plan so that you can implement improvements. Click here for more details

Bespoke hands-on consultancy projects in which we work alongside your team to delivered £100k+ increase in cash for your business. Please look through our case studies of where we have delivered large cash increases before. The opportunity depends on the size of your business and how effective your processes are. Please call us to discuss what you are looking to achieve. Click Here

OR Cash Book now

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to book in your Outline or Detailed CashBuilder Review. 

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£1m+ ValueBuilder

Measurable increase in business valuations

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