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Microsoft NAV System Implementation ERP System Implementation Case Study


The CEO was very concerned by the number of reporting surprises he was getting each month, with a growing a lack of confidence in the business performance.

The business was operating on a legacy finance system (over 10 years old). Multiple spreadsheets were being used to monitor the performance of the projects the business was delivering. The spreadsheets took a lot of time from the operational and finance teams to maintain.

The legacy system was causing all sorts of problems:

  • Hard to get any useful information out (hence all the spreadsheets)
  • Currency reporting was a massive challenge (the system used a single currency)
  • It was very hard to understand what was happening at a level of detail needed for performance management
  • Poor credit control and invoice payment tools
  • High hidden costs due to extra heads being employed


To implement an enterprise-grade system that would provide visibility at a granular level, reduce surprises, enable accurate international reporting, reduce costs, provide control of projects the business was delivering and a platform to enable the business to grow while reducing overall costs.


Emerson Nash worked with the Management Team to:

  • Build the business case for changing the system
  • Select the right ERP system to support the business for the next 10 years
  • Design the data capture and coding to enable the right reporting to be produced
  • Select the right IT partner to help implement the software
  • Project manage the stages of implementation – configuration, data cleaning, training, UAT testing and go-live stages
  • Recruit the right individuals to support the finance team during implementation


The implementation of Microsoft NAV was delivered to plan and to budget. The increase in visibility to the business and the reduction in the administration by the operational and finance teams was significant.

A £70k role was removed from the Finance Team within 6 months of ERP system going live. This provided an immediate return on investment in the first year from the finance team alone.



Value created

Return multiple

Return over 3 years*


3+ times

Return over 5 years*


5+ times

We measure the return on investment as the ratio of what value the client receives compared to their investment. * Direct cost savings plus estimated probable indirect benefits compared to total project costs.

About the Business

  • This business provides fully managed IT solutions, IT end-user support outsourcing and Cyber security
  • The business operates across Europe, Scandinavia and over 100 countries globally.
  • Privately owned and the founder has grown the business to over £20m in sales
  • The management team was actively exploring partnerships and M&A opportunities in multiple countries

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