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Business Turnaround Operational turnaround for sustainable improvement

When businesses have been underperforming the competition, changing one or more aspects of the business model is often needed to achieve a better result. We analyse businesses, using data and staff’s knowledge, to understand businesses in depth and their key drivers prior to implementing changes
Knowing what to do is very important. Making sure the ideas and plan are actually put into practice within businesses is absolutely vital. We have a strong track record of working in partnership with management teams to implement transformational changes in business performance
Case Study
An international business with revenues of £130m, offices in 6 countries and operations in approx. 60 countries
The Challenge
To turnaround the business, we had to firstly ensure survival and then take steps to improve operational performance, which in turn would improve the valuation
The solution
We worked on cash generation immediately by improving working capital and invoicing. Over 24 months we generated over £24m in cash, paying down debt, transforming the balance sheet and the ability to invest in growth. By focusing on high margin contracts we drove the gross margin % up by 30%+. We built a scalable mid/back office platform, enabling growth with relatively low additional costs. We improved the business valuation from £2m to over £25m in 30 months (as determined by third party valuations)

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