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Workshop and testing programmes

Improving your product or business is hard.  Especially when you are emotionally invested, caught up in the day to day tasks, or are unsure of what to do next.

We have been there.

We bring our skills and experience of delivering workshop and testing programmes to get the best out of your team. Combined with our product and business experience, we improve and test until we have evidence that

  • Product – your product is actually creating value for customers and they are buying in greater quantities (improving the Value Proposition)
  • Business – the product is within a business model that creates profit and is scalable. The cost of production and selling is less that revenues earned  (Business Model design)

Undertake a design and testing programme and do most of your learning before launching your product/business. Compared to launching and then learning, you save time and money – thousands to millions depending on the size of your launch.

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Our programmes provide you:

Deeper customer knowledge

The better you know your customer, the better you solve their important problems. Great products are at the heart of successful companies. 

Product launches in less time, cost and risk

A 10 step process to learn quickly, align to customer and market needs, creating more successful products and business models. 

A stronger business model

Improve the activities, sales channels, partnerships, resources and customer relationships to improve the profitability and scalability of your business.

Deeper competitor knowledge

Analyse your competitors, at product and business levels. Develop strategies and tactics to out compete them.

Visual maps to drive internal alignment and focus

Make sure all the team is clear on the critical next steps, how they are going to be actioned, by who and when.

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10 Steps to Create Successful Products

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Understand what matters most to your customers – 8 testing methods

Why Emerson Nash

  1. Exceptional business experience in depth, breadth and quality –  gained in Innocent Drinks, Unilever, Cadbury’s, SAB Miller and many SMEs
  2. 30+ Product launches – involved in over 30 product launches in blue chip product businesses
  3. Up to a 100% refund – via introductions to other business leaders
  4. Partnership – we treat your business as we would our own and we want to make a difference to your business
  5. Very strong people skills
    • Professional coaches and facilitators
    • Decades of line management experience in top businesses
    • We only employ experienced experts (no “juniors”)
  6. Easy to work with – we listen and do what we say
Workshop programmes

Workshop programmes

Our workshops can be delivered singularly or combined as a programme:

  1. Value Proposition (1 day)
  2. 10 Steps to take Before Launching a New Product (2 days)
  3. Value proposition – competitor analysis (1 day)
  4. Business Model evaluation (1 day)
  5. Business Model – competitor analysis (1 day)
  6. Business Model – detailed SWOT analysis (1 day)

Workshops from £1,950

Contact us to discuss which workshop is best to move you forward

Testing programmes

Testing programmes

Our testing programmes are bespoke, to you and your product/business. We partner with your team to

  • understand the critical and key assumptions for your product or business to be successful
  • design tests that will check our assumptions
  • decipher the results of testing and plan the actions to make improvements

Using what you have learned during the testing process to improve what you do is critical.

Contact us to discuss how to design a testing programme for you

They trust us We take great pride in the company we keep

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Weybridge salsa logo

Testimonials Here's what people say about our workshops

  • Absolutely amazing

    “Jess and Anna at Emerson Nash are absolutely amazing and a joy to work with. They genuinely care about your brand and vision and offer solutions, tailored to meet your needs. They were very down to earth and easy to talk to.”

    Dvees, Jan 2019
  • It was extremely useful

    “Before the workshop we spent a lot of time and energy debating the business model. After the workshop we were clearer about where to focus our efforts and which areas of the business needed to be developed. It was extremely useful!”

    Konditor & Cook, Feb 2019
  • Sparked lots of new ideas

    “The session helped me identify client profiles, areas of improvement and potential new services. The workshop sparked lots of new ideas and actions, I definitely feel energised. I loved how the session was collaborative and creative. ”

    Weybridge salsa, May 2019
  • Gained greater clarity

    “Gained greater clarity, validation of some aspects of my thinking, confidence to approach clients and ask the questions.”

    ERI Systems, May 2019
  • Gave new ideas

    “Very informative, helped me to structure my thinking’s and gave new ideas”

    Willow & Finn, May 2019
  • Really informative

    “I feel that I now have the tools to improve the services we offer and a better understanding of how we can impact our customers needs. Really informative.”

    Apex, May 2019

Creating products or services that customers want

Are you launching a new product or service soon? Are you concerned or uncertain about the customer demand for your new product or service? 7 out of 10 new products and services launched into the marketplace fail.

We have a 10-step process to take before launching a new product which improves success rates and reduces the time and money taken to achieve revenue stage. We deliver this process through a set of workshops complimented by testing programmes which creates great value for you.

Our 10-step process also re-invigorates the performance of existing products and services. Download our free guide ’10 Steps to Take Before Launching a New Product’ now.

Building the foundations for success

Do you have a sellable product or service but are unsure of how to build a successful business to get your product/service to your customers? Or is your business not performing as well as you hoped?

Your Business Model is the blueprint at the heart of business performance. The business model maps out all the internal and external aspects of your business: the channels you sell through, your customers, your activities, your partners and how you solve your customers’ problems. Each has a financial implication. To improve business performance significantly, you will need to change one or more aspects of your business model.

Our workshop programmes leverage your team’s knowledge of the business and the market to explore and design business model options that can be tested. We undertake a design, test, learn & adapt cycle until we have a stronger, more competitive business model to underpin improved business performance.

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